Over the course of the years while running small businesses we have come to understand the importance and amount of time bookkeeping can take. With our experience we have been able to help individuals manage their business by providing bookkeeping services to them. We have experience in Quickbooks and can tailor our services to your needs.


The love of taking photos for me started at an early age. I love engaging people in a natural outdoor environment and capturing moments in time that can be cherished forever. My passion expanded into sports photography once my children became active in sports. I began taking photos for the team and our children’s friends. I work in the Lancaster Area and would love to help you with your family photo’s, senior pictures, or engagement pictures.

Pet Services

Our love of animals has led us to set up a service that includes daily dog walking, daily play dates, and overnight care. Our experience and love for animals makes us a perfect fit for your dog care needs.
We offer daily 30 minute walking, any feeding, watering, play dates and in-home care which also includes overnight stay, extended day stay, feeding and exercise.

Kimber Management

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